Fall for Garage Door Maintenance

Fall for Garage Door Maintenance

Fall for garage door maintenance and maximize the safety, energy efficiency, and curb appeal of your home. Garage door maintenance should also include testing the balance, automatic reversal, and photo eyes. Here are some projects to check off your fall for garage door maintenance checklist.

Look and Listen

Is your garage door running smoothly? If not, try cleaning out the tracks using first the vacuum, then following through with a damp cloth. Allow sufficient time for them to air dry. Do not lubricate the tracks or rollers as the door can slip and become unbalanced. An unbalanced door will require immediate repair.

Grab Soap and Water

After monsoon season has ended on September 30, wash all the resulting dirt off your garage door. Use mild liquid soap and water (nothing abrasive). Rinse thoroughly with a hose but do not use a pressure washer as this can damage the door.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Armed with a can of white lithium grease or silicone-based lubricant, spray all moving parts to help create quiet, reliable operation. Pay close attention to the door’s pulleys, cables, hinges, brackets, and springs. Be sure to lubricate these parts once in the fall and again in the spring to prevent issues.

Replace Weatherstripping

If the door’s weatherstripping or threshold seals have seen better days, replace them. This is something you can do yourself using products purchased from the local hardware or home improvement store. Replace worn weatherstripping around your home’s windows and doors as well to save on winter heating costs.

Rotate Summer Toys to the Back

As summer turns to fall, sort through your seasonal items, tossing popped inflatables and broken canopies. Donate anything you thought you’d use but didn’t. Once done, store the stuff you’re keeping into boxes, and place to the back of overhead or wall storage racks. Fall and winter items should be rotated to the front.

Check Your Emergency Roadside Kit(s)

Fall is a good time to review the contents of your emergency roadside kit, replacing anything expired, damaged or empty. If you don’t already have one, you can create your own. Ideally, you should include jumper cables, working flashlights with extra batteries, basic tools, First-Aid items, blankets, water, and nonperishable snacks.

If you suspect something amiss with your garage door or garage door opener, call in the experts at APEX Garage Door & Repair right away. We service the greater Phoenix metro area. Contact us today at (480) 460-1199 or schedule an appointment online.

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