Summer Garage Door Maintenance Tips to Beat the Phoenix Heat

May 30, 2024 | APEX Garage Door & Repair

As the scorching summer months descend upon Phoenix, ensuring your garage door is well-maintained becomes crucial. The extreme heat can affect your garage door’s functionality and longevity. At APEX Garage Door and Repair, we’re here to help you keep your garage door operating smoothly all summer. Here are some essential maintenance tips to protect your garage door from the relentless Arizona heat.

Importance of Summer Garage Door Maintenance

Maintaining your garage door during the summer is vital for several reasons:

  • Prevent Overheating: High temperatures can cause the garage door opener to overheat, leading to malfunctions.
  • Ensure Safety: Proper maintenance reduces the risk of sudden breakdowns, ensuring your garage door operates safely.
  • Extend Lifespan: Regular upkeep can extend the life of your garage door and its components, saving you money on repairs and replacements.

Essential Maintenance Tips

Lubricate Moving Parts

Keeping your garage door’s moving parts well-lubricated is crucial to prevent wear and tear caused by friction and heat. Use a high-quality garage door lubricant on:

  • Hinges
  • Rollers
  • Tracks
  • Springs

Check and Replace Weather Seals

The weather seals around your garage door help keep the cool and hot air in. Inspect the seals for cracks or damage and replace them if necessary to maintain an energy-efficient home.

Inspect and Clean Tracks

Dirty or misaligned tracks can cause your garage door to malfunction. To prevent operational issues, clean the tracks regularly and ensure they are properly aligned.

Test the Garage Door Opener

High temperatures can affect the performance of your garage door opener. Test it regularly to ensure it’s working correctly, and replace batteries if needed.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

While DIY maintenance is essential, a professional inspection can identify potential issues you might miss. Our expert technicians at APEX Garage Door and Repair can perform a comprehensive check to ensure your garage door is in top condition.

Invest in Garage-Related Peace of Mind

Don’t let the Phoenix heat compromise your garage door’s functionality. Contact APEX Garage Door and Repair today for a professional inspection and maintenance service. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your garage door operates smoothly and safely all summer. Call us now to schedule an appointment and experience top-notch garage door services in the Phoenix metro area!


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