2023 Garage Door Trends

Dec 26, 2022 | APEX Garage Door & Repair, Garage Door Installation, New Garage Door

An often overlooked piece of a home’s appearance is the garage door. As claimed by many designers – garage doors occupy around 40% of a house’s facade. Recent years have formed a new wave of creativity and encouraged many to renovate their home and start projects they always wanted to but never had the time for. Replacing your garage door can completely transform your home easily, making future projects even more enjoyable and exciting to look forward to and completing your home renovation dreams!

2023’s trends for garage doors are listed below to give you a little bit of inspiration if you’re not sure what to decide: 

  • Steel Garage Doors are always in trend and create a new classic look to your home. With strong durability and resistance, this choice provides a sense of safety but if you’re concerned about insulation – a layer of polyurethane between doors’ outer elements ensures heat retention for colder months. 
  • Avante Glass Garage Doors are modern and give off minimalist vibes. If you’re into geometric shapes, this helps add a little bit of shaping to your home’s design and curb appeal. Using high-quality materials and professional installation by Apex Garage Door & Repair will provide both the aesthetics and insulation levels that are required, and achieve functionality. 
  • Farmhouse Garage Doors are absolutely a hit that provides a sense of coziness to a home’s curb appeal. With farmhouse styling being in trend, this garage door adds you to the top of aesthetic looks for the upcoming year. With multiple options to choose from, you can select from more modern or traditional, depending on the outcome look you’re wishing to achieve. 
  • Technical Advancement is another major trend that continues to gain popularity with today’s homeowners is automation. With the capability to control and monitor your door from anywhere using a Wi-Fi or data connection and an app on your smartphone, smart garage door openers provide increased convenience, security, and peace of mind. You can set up real time alerts to be immediately notified if the door is left open, as well as close it remotely.

Leave Local Garage Door Installation to the Pros

Renew your home’s curb appeal with a new garage door, designed using Apex Garage Door & Repair’s online designer, then installed through our local garage door installation service at (480) 460-1199. We are a locally owned and operated garage door installation, maintenance, and repair company with a team of experienced technicians and fully stocked service trucks available to resolve your garage door or automatic opener issues. Compliment your new door by simultaneously upgrading your opener, choosing a model that allows you to monitor and operate the system using your smartphone from anywhere, anytime. Schedule an appointment today!


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