Standard torsion springs are designed for 10,000 open and close cycles, which converts to approximately seven years, assuming the door is operated four times each day. Over time, these cycles are depleted, eventually causing the springs to succumb to the normal wear and tear associated with daily use. However, this is not the only reason they may break, as other issues such as corrosion/rust and cold temperatures can cause the metal to become increasingly brittle. Another reason for breakage, albeit not as common, is the direct impact of the door. Due to these factors, the length of time between replacements will likely vary from one household to the next.

There is a solution for extending the longevity of these – one you should consider should your household consists of two or more drivers or you’re coming and going more frequently. That solution is to invest in high cycle torsion springs, which last two times longer than the standard option. Ultimately, once professionally installed by a local garage door repair company like Apex Garage Door & Repair, these will provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your system operates safely and reliably each time you activate the opener using the remote or your smartphone.

What Are High Cycle Torsion Springs?

Unlike standard, 10,000 cycle springs, high cycle torsion springs have been engineered to provide double the number of cycles. That means double the life expectancy! They achieve this by increasing the size, length, and diameter while maintaining the same torque as your door configuration’s current spring measurements. Plus, they don’t cost much more than standard springs yet provide incredible peace of mind. As with any spring replacement, should your system require two springs, they must be replaced in pairs to prevent issues down the road.

These springs are installed on a horizontal bar, spanning the entire width of the door, just above the opening. They twist, supplying energy to other essential components, allowing the door’s weight to be counterbalanced as it opens and closes on demand. Although many believe that the automatic opener does the heavy lifting, this task is the responsibility of the springs, drums, and cables. Should any one of these parts fail, they will render the door completely nonoperational, making professional replacement crucial for restoring its safe and reliable operation.

Some symptoms of broken garage door springs include:

  • A visible gap in the springs
  • Jerky movement during operation
  • Unbalanced look to the door when it’s closed

A Word of Caution About the Springs

Should your spring break, regardless of the reason, do not attempt to open the door using the opener or manually as this can create a dangerous situation. You should also never try to replace broken garage door springs yourself as they are under incredible tension that requires specialized tools to release safely. Instead, for your safety, always contact a local garage door repair company to replace torsion or extension springs at (480) 460-1199.

Trust Spring Replacement to Apex

Whether replacing broken springs or investing in high cycle springs, it’s vital for you to trust their replacement to the professionals at Apex Garage Door & Repair, as they possess both the specialized experience and equipment necessary for the safe replacement of your garage door springs.

These expert technicians will ensure the new part is compatible with your specific system and test that the door is correctly balanced as part of the installation process. Spring for high cycle torsion springs for years of dependable operation from your garage door and automatic opener by contacting Apex Garage Door & Repair professionals at (480) 460-1199.

We are a locally owned and operated garage door installation, maintenance, and repair company with a team of trained technicians available to resolve your garage door or automatic opener issues. We also offer new garage door and opener sales with an online designer in which you can select your preferred design, material, installation, and features. To schedule an appointment, please get in touch with us.


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