With little more than a week to go before the merriest day of the year, many people may be scrambling to finish checking their lists twice as they rush from store to store in search of the perfect gift for either themselves or someone on their list. However, while time is running out, it’s not too late to order the following presents and protect those you do have from prying eyes by consulting a professional about local garage door repair, especially if the system has recently been more naughty than nice.

Smart Garage Door Opener

When it comes to security, combined with convenience, a smart garage door opener cannot be beat. These openers are designed to work with a compatible smartphone, allowing you to operate and monitor the garage from anywhere, anytime. Some models even allow a specific, major online retailer to make deliveries inside the garage, providing incredible peace of mind that your holiday packages will be kept safe.

Garage Storage System

Pull into an organized garage with a storage system. These range from wall-mounted cabinets to overhead wire racks. You can also find various wall-mounted rail systems with the appropriate hooks for hanging frequently used oversized items such as bicycles and yard tools to maximize storage space. These solutions also make the ideal gift for anyone on your list who may struggle to find anything, let alone park in their garage.

Durable Garage Door Springs

Heavy-duty torsion springs are an excellent gift idea for you or someone you know whose main entrance is the garage door. These springs offer 20,000 cycles rather than the standard 10,000 offered by typical products. When you choose heavy-duty, high-cycle torsion springs, you can be assured increased durability. Garage door repair professionals must complete spring replacement to prevent injury.

Professional Garage Door Repair

Prevent a malfunctioning garage door from derailing your sleigh by contacting a local garage door repair professional to identify and fix any issues. Apex Garage Door & Repair can install, maintain, or repair all garage door or garage door opener models, along with essential system components, often that same day. That includes replacing broken garage door springs, installing ball-bearing nylon rollers, and repairing common garage door problems. Schedule an appointment with a local garage door repair, service, and installation company today.


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