Nylon Rollers with Ball Bearings Professionally Replaced

Aug 10, 2021 | APEX Garage Door & Repair, Broken Garage Door Springs, Garage Door Repair, Garage Door Safety

The life expectancy of a garage door depends on several variables, such as construction and maintenance, but most of today’s models are designed for longevity. However, the door is composed of many interconnected parts that may need to be replaced more often, the rollers included. Although, like the door itself, answering the question “when should the rollers be replaced?” depends on usage and the type. While there are several types, the highest-quality, most durable are nylon rollers with ball bearings.

One of the most significant indications for replacement is an increasingly noisy garage door. The way to differentiate this noise from a cable-drive automatic opener is if it is intermittent, sudden, or emits a popping sound. There may also be a problem with them if your garage door appears uneven or, worse, comes off its tracks. Should any of these problems present themselves, immediately contact a local garage door professional to come and repair the door, ensuring its safe and reliable operation.

Premium Nylon Rollers with Ball Bearings

A premium set of nylon rollers with ball bearings is ideal for replacing aging, damaged, noisy, or worn rollers. These rollers feature a nylon wheel, steel stem, and ball bearings to provide a quieter and smoother operation as they travel along the vertical tracks. Additional advantages of these quiet rollers include increased durability and performance. However, because most garage doors require multiple rollers, it is best to contact a garage door repair professional about replacing them simultaneously.

Garage Door Rollers Installed

When it comes to your garage door and automatic opener, both of which have many interconnected parts and components, it is always best to leave them in the capable hands of a repair professional. These professionals possess specialized knowledge and tools, completing a myriad amount of repairs each year, to efficiently install a premium set of nylon rollers with ball bearings.

In addition, you can be assured that a professional will install the correct size rollers for your garage door, providing you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your door is opening and closing safely and reliably.

With fully stocked trucks and readily dispatched technicians, Apex Garage Door & Repair can maintain and repair all garage door and automatic opener models, along with their components and parts. That includes replacing broken garage door springs, installing nylon rollers with ball bearings, and repairing garage door dents. Schedule an appointment with a local garage door repair, service, and installation company today.


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