Broken Garage Opener Reinforcement Bracket Repair

Jul 12, 2021 | Broken Garage Door Springs, Garage Door Openers, Garage Door Repair, Regular Garage Door Maintenance

Whether a standard or smart model, garage door openers provide a convenient way to raise and lower the garage door on-demand. While it may be four times per day for the average home, it is not unheard of for households with multiple drivers or busy schedules to operate the door, and therefore the opener far more frequently.

Homeowners should maintain the door, opener, and interconnected parts regularly. You should also visibly inspect the system once a month, at minimum, ensuring it opens and closes smoothly. Over time, some parts like the torsion or extension springs may need to be serviced or replaced, necessitating professional garage door repair in Phoenix.

There are many essential parts, both moving and stationary, to the safe and reliable operation of your garage door. One such part is the opener reinforcement bracket. These steel brackets are installed to the top section, centered directly under the torsion spring, and then attached to the operator’s arm. The arm, which is aligned with the top rollers, extends from the automatic opener to the reinforcement bracket.

Why the Bracket May Break

Like most parts, over time, the bracket can break for various reasons. One of the most common is simple wear and tear, considering how often the door is opened and closed, although they can also fail due to vehicular damage. The latter occurs when someone accidentally backs or drives into the door. Additional repairs, such as garage door panel and broken garage door spring replacement, may be necessary if this has happened. Finally, the door itself may require replacement if there is substantial damage.

When the opener reinforcement breaks, you may notice a visible separation between the bracket and the door, noisy garage door operation, or a disengaged operator arm. Ideally, you should contact a repair professional who services your area to assess the broken garage door opener reinforcement bracket, as it is possible for other parts to be nearing breakage. In addition, other components – particularly those near the top bracket, may potentially have been damaged.

Professional Garage Door Repair in Phoenix

APEX Garage Door & Repair specializes in competitively priced garage door repair in Phoenix. We also offer new garage doors and openers, installed. With fully-stocked service trucks and readily available technicians, we can maintain and repair all garage door and garage door opener models, along with all components and parts. That includes replacing broken garage door springs, whether extension or torsion, or standard or high-cycle. We invite you to schedule a service appointment at (480) 460-1199.


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