While deciding on a garage door opener ultimately depends on personal preferences, APEX Garage Door and Repair is here to help you make an informed purchasing decision. Once you’ve narrowed your options and selected a new garage door opener, our professional technicians can install the system and show you how to work it, one of many garage door services we offer Valley residents. Equally essential is ensuring adequate maintenance for safe and reliable operation during its expected lifespan. Today’s openers are designed for longevity. 

Drive System

Chain Drive

As the name suggests, these openers feature a heavy-duty metal chain, which resembles a bicycle chain to drive the trolley during operation. These models, while cost-effective, tend to produce the most vibration and noise. However, today’s models are much quieter than older openers, and a pro can install isolators to reduce the noise. Insulated garage doors can also help to improve noise disturbance.

Belt Drive

Another option to consider is a belt drive. These openers feature a steel reinforced belt rather than a chain to drive the trolley, affording you quiet, smooth performance for not much more than a chain-driven system. Another advantage of belt drives is durability since there are far fewer moving parts that can malfunction on these than other models.

Screw Drive

The third type of drive system is a screw drive, which uses a steel threaded rod that rotates to drive the trolley, raising and lowering the garage door. These models are often referred to as the Goldilocks of openers as they offer quieter operation than chain drives but are louder than belt drives. However, like belt drives, they are designed with fewer moving parts.

Lifting Power

Lifting power refers to the product’s horsepower, with higher values providing the optimal amount of energy necessary to operate the door on demand, usually four times per day. There are several factors to consider when determining horsepower, including garage door size, materials, weight, and how many drivers are in the home. A garage door service professional can offer horsepower recommendations based on your specific garage door design and household driver composition.  

Convenient Features

Does remote monitoring and operation appeal to you? Then you may want to consider choosing a smart garage door opener with built-in Wi-Fi. In addition to remote access, you can receive notifications, set schedules, and sync with popular intelligent devices – some even allow for in-garage delivery via Amazon. The latter is currently only available in select cities. A battery backup can provide the ultimate peace of mind, allowing garage door operation to continue for a specified amount of time.

Professional Garage Door Services

APEX Garage Door & Repair is a locally owned and operated garage door repair and installation company with a team of experienced technicians readily available to assist with fully stocked service trucks. We also offer new garage doors and openers.

Our company specializes in garage door services such as replacing broken garage door springs, completing garage door dent repair, installing new garage doors and openers, and performing routine maintenance.

APEX Garage Door & Repair services residential and commercial clients Valley-wide. Please contact us at (480) 460-1199 to schedule a garage door installation, maintenance, repair, or service appointment.


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