An energy-efficient garage door can minimize energy consumption and improve thermal performance. Clopay states that there are several essential factors to consider when choosing energy-efficient, environmentally friendly garage doors, with materials and insulation among the most important.

In terms of insulation, the key is to consider its R-Value, which measures thermal resistance. Another essential characteristic is the door’s expected lifespan. The latter can often be extended by performing routine maintenance, such as lubricating moving parts, and promptly addressing problems by hiring a garage door repair professional.

Designing a Door for Energy Efficiency

The first step to designing a door for energy efficiency is to consider its construction, specifically the materials used, as some are naturally efficient. The two best options here are steel, which can be further insulated, and natural wood.

Additional choices to consider are wood composite and aluminum frame. The latter can be designed as a full-view door, allowing natural light to infuse the garage, thereby reducing energy consumption. Besides energy efficiency, it’s equally important to choose based on your home’s architecture.

The potential benefits include:

  • Improving occupant comfort.
  • Reducing heating and cooling costs.
  • Regulating temperatures in the garage.
  • Reducing a noisy garage door, although other factors may cause this, making repair necessary.

In addition to potentially saving money on heating and cooling costs, a new garage door constructed from high-tensile strength steel has been shown to have a 98.3 percent return on investment (ROI), the highest of all returns in the year’s annual Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling magazine.

Finally, you may want to consider high-cycle torsion springs rated for 20,000 cycles rather than the standard 10,000 cycles. That means they will last you 14 years if you operate the door four times per day, which counts as four cycles, minimizing waste. These, too, should be installed by a garage door repair professional.

Professional Garage Door Repair and Installation

APEX Garage Door & Repair is a locally owned and operated garage door repair company with a team of experienced technicians readily available to fix common problems such as these. All service trucks are fully stocked each morning.

Our company specializes in replacing broken garage door springs, completing garage door dent repair, installing new garage doors and openers, and performing routine maintenance to ensure the system’s continuous safe and reliable operation.

APEX Garage Door & Repair services residential and commercial clients throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. To schedule an installation, maintenance, repair, or another service appointment, please contact us at (480) 460-1199.


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