The moderate temperatures and longer days of spring make it an ideal time to not only deep clean your home but also to spend some time maintaining your garage door. Some of the essential tasks include testing critical safety mechanisms, investing in garage door dent repair, and replacing your garage door springs with high-cycle torsion springs to ensure the door is ready for summer.

Perform Critical Safety Tests

Check to ensure that the door is performing optimally by performing a few critical safety tests each month. That includes testing the photoelectric sensors, door balance, and automatic reversal. These mechanisms are designed to ensure the door is not straining the garage door opener‘s motor and operating safely. If the door fails any of these tests, immediately stop using it and contact an experienced, licensed garage door repair company to make the necessary repairs. 

Garage Door Dent Repair

Many things such as a flyaway Frisbee, a missed basketball shot, or an accident can cause unsightly dings and dents to appear on your garage door. Ideally, you should have a professional come to assess the extent of the damage and make garage door dent repair, especially if someone accidentally backed or drove into the door. Cosmetic damage can be repaired by either removing the dent or replacing a maximum of two panels. More substantial damage may require door replacement.

Wash the Garage Door

Routinely washing the garage door will help improve curb appeal and extend its lifespan. All it takes is some soapy water and a microfiber sponge and towel. Microfiber is an excellent choice for any new garage door material as it will not scratch the surface. To wash the door, begin at the top and work your way from side to side, then to the bottom. Use a garden hose to rinse the door and either allow it to air dry or hand dry using the microfiber towel.

Replace Your Springs

Where a 10,000-cycle spring can last one family fourteen years, it may last another only seven years or even less than that. Its life expectancy is entirely dependent on use. If you frequently come and go, using the garage door as the main entrance into your home, you may want to consider replacing the springs this season with high-cycle torsion springs. These springs offer 20,000-cycles, making them far more durable.

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Our company specializes in replacing broken garage door springs, completing garage door dent repair, installing new garage doors and openers, and performing routine maintenance to ensure the system’s safe and reliable operation.

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