As temperatures continue to drop in the Valley and near-freezing weather is expected in some areas, you may begin experiencing issues with your garage door springs, or they may break. Should the latter happen, your door will be inoperable until repairs can be made by an experienced, licensed repair professional.

The springs, which balance the door’s weight each time it opens and closes, are made of metal and can contract in cold weather. Winter weather conditions, such as chilly temperatures, can impact your torsion springs’ performance. There is also the potential for corrosion due to the presence of moisture.

Broken Garage Door Springs

Standard torsion and extension springs are manufactured with 10,000 cycles. One full operation of the door uses one cycle and, assuming you operate the door no more than four times per day, the springs will last about seven years before replacement is required. Wintry weather has the potential to cause the metal to become brittle and break before depleting all cycles. The springs are under high-tension and the safest way to complete the replacement is to hire a licensed professional.

Routine Maintenance

Maintaining your garage door system is essential for ensuring it operates safely and reliably no matter the season. You should test the door’s balance, photoelectric sensors, and automatic reversal monthly.

It is equally essential to inspect the door, both while it is stationary and during operation; always contact a repair professional if you notice any issues.

Every six months, apply a silicone-based lubricant to the garage door springs. These will help to prevent rust from developing and promote optimal operation. Double the cycles by considering high-cycle replacement springs.

Professional Repair and Replacement Services

APEX Garage Door and Repair is a locally owned and operated service company with a team of experienced technicians available to complete garage door repairs and new installations.

Our company specializes in replacing broken garage door springs, torsion or extension, and a wide range of additional services to ensure your door and opener function optimally.

APEX Garage Door and Repair services residential and commercial clients throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. Please schedule an appointment by contacting us at (480) 460-1199.

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