While you may not always notice them, the garage door springs are what ensures that the door responds to your demands, whether it is to open or close. Manufactured with a limited number of cycles – one full operation of the door counts as one cycle – these powerful components have a lifespan that varies, depending on usage, but generally between three and fourteen years.

Additional reasons for broken garage door springs include corrosion, which can be prevented by lubricating them every six months, and damage. Often, they are damaged when someone inadvertently drives or backs into a closed door, which can create extensive repairs. Regardless of the reason, there are some obvious and not so apparent ways to identify broken garage door springs, which always require professional replacement.

Common Signs of Broken Springs

Jerky Movement

While there may be other reasons, such as an unbalanced door – you should test balance monthly, shaky door movement may indicate that the metal is wearing thin. If this is the case, then the springs should be replaced, ideally in pairs. Unusual movement and noises necessitate contacting a garage door repair professional to inspect, diagnose, and repair the door. In the meantime, it is essential not to attempt to operate the door.

Unbalanced Look

In situations where there are two springs, but only one is either aging or broken, your garage door may appear lopsided while opening. That can be one of the reasons for the jerky movements. It may also appear uneven when in the closed position. If the door seems unbalanced at any time, contacting a garage door repair professional is crucial for restoring the safe operation of the door.

A Visible Gap in the Springs

Torsion springs are installed on a horizontal bar above the opening and twist while extension springs are mounted on both sides of the door and fully expand and contract during operation. Both types create enough tension to lift the door. Over time, the metal may weaken, causing torsion springs to snap in half. There will be a very noticeable gap. Extension springs will appear stretched out.

Professional Garage Door Repair & Service

APEX Garage Door and Repair is a locally owned, operated, and licensed garage door repair company with a team of experienced professionals available to ensure your door functions reliably and safely. Our company services residential and commercial clients throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. APEX Garage Door and Repair specializes in replacing broken garage door springs, whether torsion or extension, along with other garage door repair services. We also offer new garage doors and automatic openers, including connected devices, installed. Please schedule an appointment today at (480) 460-1199.


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