You’ve come to rely on your garage door providing drive-right-in convenience at the press of a button, so it’s only natural to want problems addressed immediately. Contact APEX Garage Door and Repair at (480) 460-1199 for all your garage door repairs, including but not limited to, the following common reasons for service.

Common Reasons for Service

Faulty Garage Door Opener

There are several reasons for an unresponsive opener. The simplest things to check are the batteries and the lock button. Activating the latter prevents the door from being operated using the remote, although it should still respond to the wall switch, so checking that, along with swapping the battery for a fresh one, is an ideal place to start. 

If, after attempting these fixes, the opener still won’t respond to either the remote or wall switch, then you’ll want to contact a professional for garage door repairs. You may even want to consider replacing it for a smart unit with a belt- or screw-drive for quieter operation. These devices allow remote monitoring and operating.

Maintenance Tip: The automatic opener’s balance and auto-reversing mechanisms should be tested monthly. Its balance can be tested by closing and detaching it from the door. That will allow you to manually lift the door about waist high and then let go. The door should move freely and remain open.

One of two safety features – the other discussed below – test the auto-reversing mechanism by placing a 2×4 on the garage floor directly centered with the opening. Press the button to close the door. The door should immediately reverse direction, reverting to the open position upon contact with the board.

The door and opener should be serviced if it fails either of these tests.

Broken Garage Door Springs

Whether torsion or extension, the springs are vital to the door’s operation, as they do most of the heavy lifting. They are, however, manufactured with a limited number of cycles – usually 10,000 – with an average life span of between three and fourteen years. That is dependent on individual usage. Broken springs must be replaced.

Additional reasons for broken garage door springs include damage, such as can happen should there be a force against the door, and rust buildup. It is recommended that they are replaced in pairs. Never attempt to replace broken springs yourself – always contact a licensed repair professional. 

Maintenance Tip: Semi-annual lubrication of the springs is essential for ensuring smooth and quiet operation. It can also help to prevent rust and corrosion. Apply a small amount of silicone spray or white lithium grease to the door’s hinges, rollers, and springs every six months. You can also hire a garage door professional to perform this task as part of routinely scheduled maintenance.

Trouble with the Photoelectric Sensors

The photoelectric sensors signal the opener to reverse the direction of the door if there is an obstruction. If the door doesn’t open, the LEDs on both sensors will flash, indicating that there is an obstruction.

Misaligned or dirty sensors will also cause the door to remain non-operational. You can troubleshoot issues by ensuring there are no obstructions and that the sensors are level and clean, but it is essential to contact a professional should the problem persist. A repair professional can identify the problem and either repair or replace the faulty sensors.

Maintenance Tip: The safety eyes must be tested each month. To check, start with the door open, then press the remote or wall button to close it. Wave a broom in front of one of the sensors as the door is closing to break their beam. If the door doesn’t immediately revert to the open position, contact APEX Garage Door and Repair to service the sensors.

Professional Garage Door Repair

APEX Garage Door and Repair is a locally owned, operated, and licensed garage door repair company with a team of experienced professionals. Our company services residential and commercial clients throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. APEX Garage Door and Repair specializes in garage door repairs, maintenance, and installation. We also offer new garage doors and automatic openers, including connected devices, from today’s most popular brands. Schedule an appointment today at (480) 460-1199.


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