Preparing for the Biggest Game of the Season

Jan 14, 2020 | Garage Door Repair

The biggest game of the season is around the corner, but if some of your party is going to be hanging out in the garage, you’ll want to call a reliable garage door repair company to have it inspected.

That door will be under a lot of stress while it remains open for hours as you set up for your party and enjoy the game. Let’s get you prepared to throw the best football party on your block.

Game Day Food

Food is the number one way to ensure you have the best party. A couple of ideas are favorites like wings, sliders, and potato skins. Dips are another staple of any good party; create a few different options: cheesy, meaty, spicy, and even vegan. 

If you’ve got the patience to do so, build your party a snack stadium using a few cardboard boxes or aluminum pans with snacks and a frosted cake to look like the field in the center. Make sure to score a touchdown by getting creative with your food. 

Commercial Games

With this being the biggest game of the season, companies everywhere have paid top dollar on producing the best commercials and getting a $5.1 to $5.3 million commercial slot, according to Make a game out of the ads. 

Give everyone a notepad or a bingo board to guess what company is going to be the next ad, rate the commercial, or playing “Ad Bingo.” Whatever game you choose, you can guarantee that everyone will be invested in the whole game. 

Football Themed Décor

Get creative with your decorations to set the mood for your party. Try making AstroTurf coasters and helmet drink stirrers for some added fun. Another neat touch is football-themed serving trays, plates, and napkins. 

Whether your hosting your party in the living room, the backyard, or even the garage and front yard decorate half of the area in one team’s colors and the other half in the opposing team’s. Your guests can choose who they’re rooting for and cheer in that team’s designated half. 

Who’s Got the Most Spirit

Even if you and your guests aren’t fans of whoever is playing, have a competition to see who has the most spirit. Have some face paints, colorful streamers in team colors, and spray in hair dye for guests to use. After everyone has created their looks have a “catwalk” so they can show off what they created. 

Post-Party Repairs

If your game-day celebrations got a bit out of hand and you need to contact a garage door repair company, APEX Garage Door & Repair is the one for you.

APEX Garage Door & Repair is a locally operated garage door repair company with a team of dedicated and experienced professionals. We specialize in the repair, maintenance, and installation of most popular garage doors and garage door opener brands. Contact us today at (602) 867-7111.


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