Your Car Lover’s Wish List: Garage Edition

Dec 3, 2019 | Garage Door Openers

From a new garage door opener installation to new tools, shopping for the car lovers in your life might feel like a daunting task, but it’s less stressful than you think. Turning the garage into a car haven full of care kits, tools, and a trustworthy garage door opener can make their year. APEX has previously discussed garage-related holiday gift ideas, so let’s expand on that while focusing on car enthusiasts.

Garage Door Opener Installation

A good option for a new opener would be a smart garage door opener. You’ll be able to use your smartphone as the remote, as well as monitor your garage door from anywhere, anytime. With a smart garage opener, you can set up alerts for when the garage opens, control who has access to your garage, and more. 

Store-bought or DIY Workbench

Whether you go with a workbench that you can buy from the store, or you build one yourself, you are gifting your car lover with more space to work on their projects. Depending on the workbench, their tool storage can possibly fit within it.

Consider personalizing the workbench by having someone etch the recipient’s  name and any other exciting ideas into the surface. You can even make it unique by picking up a wood stain in their favorite color to give it a pop they’ll love. 

Complete Care Kits

Care kits, such as the Armor All Complete Car Care Kit, is a great gift to have in the garage for anyone that likes to keep their car looking fresh off the lot. The Armor All kit contains four different products that help clean, protect, and restore the exterior condition of your vehicle. Not only will it make a great addition to your supplies, but it can extend the life of your tires with the tire foam protectant. 

Mechanic’s Tool Set

If you have a car enthusiast in your life that likes to do their vehicle maintenance, then they’ll love a mechanic’s tool set. The Crescent Mechanic’s Tool Set, for instance, contains 170 pieces at a reasonable price. Included in this specific tool set are wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, and other tools, all designed to resist abrasions and corrosion. 

Vintage Signs

An exciting idea for those that want to decorate their garage or shop would be vintage auto signage. You can either look for authentic vintage signage or excellent replicas to add a fresh industrial pop to the walls. One of the most popular is the Mobil Oil/Mobil Gas signs that would have been outside of gas stations and mechanic shops.

Air Compressor

Large air compressors are often pricey, but a handheld, cordless compressor could make an excellent alternative. Compressors are a superb gift for car enthusiasts and everyone else in your family.

They allow for the convenience of keeping tires inflated at home. The Autowit Cordless Air Compressor is great because it has an auto-off feature that will shut off airflow to your tires to prevent overfilling them.

New Tires

Car lovers aren’t the only ones that could use new tires. That family member that’s always on the road is a perfect candidate. You can rest assured that they’ll be safer with new tires because they create improved handling and braking. 

For Your Garage Door Needs

If you have decided to treat your home to a little revamping or return home to a damaged automatic opener this holiday season, give us a call for your garage door opener installation needs.

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