How Much Does Garage Door Spring Repair Cost?

Sep 3, 2019 | Broken Garage Door Springs, Extension Springs, Garage Door Repair, Garage Door Safety, Torsion Springs

Over time, your garage door springs will weaken and eventually break, necessitating their replacement. The springs are an essential component of your garage door. Without them, the door will not only malfunction, but it will be non-operational. Continue reading to learn more about this integral part and the available options for garage door spring repair.

Types of Spring Systems

Two types of garage door springs exist today: extension and torsion. Of the two, torsion springs are preferred by more garage door repair professionals, because they provide superior lifting power and are incredibly durable. They are found above the door and twist during operation. Single-car garage doors require one spring, while double-car and heavier doors, like wood or full-view, need two.

Extension springs are generally installed on light-weight doors and run parallel to the tracks on both sides of the door. Unlike torsion, extension springs stretch out, much like a rubber band to create pressure. The springs ultimately bear the brunt of a garage door’s weight, which is usually 150 pounds, minimum. For safety purposes, extension springs are connected to pulleys and cables.

Why Do They Break Over Time?

Both extension and torsion springs are designed with a limited supply of cycles; usually 10,000. A “cycle” is one full open and close of the door. Converting cycles into years requires determining daily usage of the door. If you open and close the door four times per day, which is the national average, standard springs should last about seven years.

They can, however, go kaput significantly faster in situations where they are not maintained, or rust has developed. Driving or backing into the door can also cause them to break prematurely. Investing in high-cycle torsion springs is strongly encouraged as these springs provide double the lifespan as standard.

Garage Door Spring Repair Cost Considerations

The cost of replacing broken garage door springs will vary, depending on how many and what type of system, and if you’d prefer standard (10,000-cycles) or high-cycle (20,000-cycles) springs. Another factor that can influence price is whether any other components are malfunctioning or damaged. Contacting a licensed professional who services your area for an accurate quote is ideal.

Professional Installation is the Best Solution

Garage door springs, whether torsion or extension, are under extreme tension. That tension is what makes garage door spring repair an incredibly dangerous project, which is why you should always hire a licensed, professional installer. Professionals possess the experience and equipment to install your new springs safely and efficiently. There are some maintenance tasks that you can check-off yourself though, including:

  • Visually examining the springs for wear or damage
  • Lubricating the door’s springs every six months
  • Testing the door’s balance (see below)

Monthly Door Balance Test: Close the door and disconnect the automatic opener. Then manually lift the door to about waist high. It should lift smoothly, with little resistance, and remain open. If the door is difficult to open or doesn’t stay put, it may be out of balance and should be serviced by a garage door repair professional, according to the International Door Association.

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