4 Popular Hands-Free Devices

Apr 30, 2019 | Garage Gadgets

On April 22, 2019, Arizona officially became the 48th state to ban talking and texting while driving. Motorists must use hands-free technology to avoid violating this new law, which went into effect immediately, although law enforcement can only issue warnings until January 2021. However, isn’t it better to comply now, rather than later? Here are four devices to help you comply with Arizona’s new hands-free law.

Sun Visor Bluetooth Car Speaker

Keep your eyes on the road while talking and navigating with this Bluetooth car speaker from Aigital. The small speaker neatly clips to your sun visor and, once paired with your phone, connects automatically and stays on when the car engine is off. It is also Siri and Google Assistant approved, meaning it supports voice commands, including voice-to-text and navigational directions.

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Bluetooth Headset

An alternative option to car speakers is a Bluetooth headset. Headsets typically feature noise reducing technology, meaning they provide excellent sound quality; even better than car speakers. Some of the more advanced headsets also support voice control. Corefyco makes a lightweight headset that is compatible with iPhones and Androids that is currently on sale for under $50.00.

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Smartphone Mount

To comply with state law, which prohibits “physically holding or supporting with any part of the body any wireless communication device,” you’ll need hands-free devices that securely hold your phone such as a car mount. A versatile and affordable option with four stars out of more than five thousand reviews is manufactured by Scosche. Because this mount utilizes neodymium magnets, it can safely and securely hold any smartphone, regardless of screen size.

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Dash Cam

Dashboard cameras, better known as dash cams, are incredibly valuable for proving fault in the event of an accident. They are also the only form of recording permitted under the new law. “There is a provision that protects people who have dash cams or similar devices that continuously record what’s going on, either in the vehicle or on the road,” according to an Arizona Capitol Times article. There is an unlimited variety of dash cams available online and at electronic stores. Here is a top reviewed one on Amazon.

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