The start of a New Year is the perfect time to make some easily achievable goals for your garage. Goals that you may have been putting off. Check these off your list early in 2019 to ensure smooth, reliable and most importantly, safe operation of your garage door and automatic opener all year ‘round. Clearing your garage of clutter will also help ensure that there is sufficient space for your vehicle(s) or hobbies.

Six Goals for Your Garage

Clear Garage Clutter

Make a fresh start in the new year by freeing your garage from clutter. Old paint and other environmental hazards should be properly disposed of. For a wealth of information on responsibly disposing of electronics, visit the Electronics Takeback Campaign and for all other items, Clear anything you don’t use, have doubled up on, or don’t love and donate it to charity. The items you keep can easily be organized using garage storage units, plastic totes, and a label maker. Group similar items together.

Clean the Garage Floor

Whether you use (or plan to) the garage to park your vehicle at the end of the day, or for some alternative purpose, it’s a good idea to clean the garage floor. The goal here is to eliminate unsightly oil and grease stains. A variety of garage floor cleaners can be found at your local home improvement or auto parts store. You will also need a hard-bristled brush and five-gallon water bucket. Carefully follow manufacturer’s instructions to complete this project.

Stay on Top of Maintenance

You know you should inspect your garage door and test your automatic opener monthly, but sometimes forget. Make these tasks easier to remember in the new year by penciling them in on your calendar, with the repeat function scheduled for the same day each month. Routine maintenance will help prevent bigger problems from developing unchecked. The International Door Association (IDA) recommends these maintenance tasks. If you’re not comfortable working on the garage door, hire a professional.

Replace an Old Garage Door

Thinking about a new garage door? Replacing an outdated or damaged door will not only favorably impact your home’s curb appeal but also your property value, maintenance requirements, and the transfer of heat and cold. The latter advantage can be achieved with polystyrene or polyurethane insulation and weatherstripping. When purchasing an insulated garage door, you will want to pay careful attention to its R-value (higher is best) and U-factor (lower is best), which measure the effectiveness of the insulation.

Invest in a Smart Garage Door Opener

Smart garage door openers provide much needed peace-of-mind. Once connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network, these openers allow remote monitoring and operation with just a screen flick, when using the opener’s compatible smartphone app. You may also be able to set auto open/close time limits, precise GPS coordinates, and connect to other smart products. These features may vary though. The app can also send you instant notifications if the door is opened when you’re not at home (you must permit alerts).

Properly Put Away All Holiday Decorations

Now that the holidays have passed, it’s time to properly put away your decorations, ensuring they are in pristine condition 352 days from now. Be sure you have the right storage containers (it is not necessary to buy those holiday ones) and packing paper for all your holiday decorations, light strings, and wrapping paper. Once you’ve carefully packed everything into boxes, place towards the back of your garage storage shelves, bringing spring and summer toys forward.

Your Local Garage Door Repair Company

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