Accidentally driving or backing into the garage door can happen to the best of us. It’s true! We all have moments when our morning cup of coffee hasn’t quite kicked in yet or we didn’t give the garage door enough time to open in a mad rush to leave the house. It’s okay; it can either be fixed or replaced.

What Should I Look For?

To check the garage door, look for visual damage like dents, cracks or other aesthetic issues. The lower door often takes most of the hit, so make sure to thoroughly examine the door from the top, down. Depending on the extent of the hit, the door may appear mashed in or bent as well.

Keep in mind that looks can be deceiving.

Just because the door looks “fine,” doesn’t necessarily mean it is. The force of impact could have thrown its balance off, bent the track, or caused a spring or cable to break. These damages require professional intervention! Contact your local garage door repair company to assess the damage and repair your door.

Many companies offer same-day and 24-hour emergency services.

Can My Door Be Repaired?

Maybe. Most garage doors are broken into sections. If you lightly hit the garage, damaging only one or two panels, panel replacement may be possible. This will depend on the door’s age, size, and model. If multiple sections are broken or the track is bent, or it’s very old, it may be more cost efficient to replace the door.

An expert can advise you to all available options.

Aside from the danger these 12- to 18-foot-wide moving walls present, more damage could result from trying to fix it yourself, resulting in costly repairs. If this happens, replacement of the entire system could become your only viable option. Remember: Garage door repair is never a DIY project.

Should I Notify My Insurance Company?

Check your auto and homeowners insurance. In most cases, the garage door is included, but only the insurance company can inform you if they’ll cover any damages resulting from accidentally hitting the door. You may have to pay a deductible though. They will instruct you on how to file a claim.

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