Garage Space Saving Ideas

Apr 23, 2018 | Garage Door Openers, New Garage Doors, Uncategorized

Do you think you don’t have enough storage in your garage? Are you unable to open the garage door and drive your vehicle(s) in at night? Make the most of your existing space with these garage space saving ideas. Except for the garage door opener, which requires professional installation, most of these garage space saving ideas can either be built or installed yourself.

DIY Folding Workbench

In need of a good workbench but short on space? Build your own folding workbench. You can find several good tutorials on Pinterest. Consider painting the top using chalkboard paint – for jotting down quick measurements – and hanging peg board above the bench once it’s installed. Pegboard, found at any local home improvement store, allows you to easily access your tools while you’re working.

Garage Shelving Units

Industrial-strength garage shelving units provide storage for all types of items such as garden tools, painting supplies, sports equipment, and more. Smaller items can be enclosed in clear storage containers. Store seasonal and rarely used items towards the back of the units. Label containers with their contents to avoid wasting time sorting through box after box looking for that must-have-it-now item.

Ceiling Mounted Storage

Create additional storage room without compromising valuable floor space with overhead racks. Designed to hold up to 600 pounds (depending on manufacturer), ceiling mounted racks are ideal for storing bulky items such as camping equipment, seasonal decorations, spare tires or anything else you want to put out of sight. A relatively new addition to the market are ceiling mounted pulley systems by Racor.

Organized Extension Cords

Cord winders can be mounted on your wall or ceiling to eliminate jumbled extension cords. One of our favorites is made by Green Leaf. This product, available on Amazon, stores up to 150 feet of 16/3 cord in an attached basket. Simply wind the cord through, plug it into a power outlet, and then plug your tool in. When you’re done, press the unwind lever, and hand-crank it to wind the cord back up.

Wall Mount Garage Door Openers

Unlike traditional garage door openers, wall-mount openers free up overhead space by mounting on the wall, directly adjacent the garage door. Fully equipped with all the latest tech and security innovations, including built-in Wi-Fi, automatic garage door locks, and integrated battery backup make this opener a must-have. Most also feature a quiet DC motor. All garage door openers should be professionally installed.


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