In the United States, 80% of single-family homes have a garage attached to their home, which pests would love to take shelter in 100% of the time. To help prevent pests infesting your garage, follow these simple tips.

Lay Traps

Lay traps throughout the garage to catch any pests that make their way in. Since your family and pets frequently use the garage, you may not want to use any harmful pesticides. Spring traps and glue strip tapes are an excellent alternative to poisonous rodent repellents.

Apply Weather Stripping

The best way to stop pests from infesting your garage is by preventing them from getting in. Check the rubber threshold at the bottom of your garage door for wear and tear. Replace with new weather stripping, following manufacturer instructions. Seal cracks in the foundation, walls or ceiling with silicone caulk, as well.

Keep a Lid on It

To deter pests, keep garbage cans tightly closed. Never leave garbage out in unprotected plastic bags (rodents can tear and/or chew through these). The best option is to use bungee cords to create an air-tight seal so that pests won’t be able to raid your trash cans in search of their dinner.

Reduce the Clutter

The typical American garage includes a workbench, tools, sporting goods, camping gear, and boxes with annual holiday decorations stacked on the floor and along the walls. All items stored in your garage give pests plenty of spaces to find shelter. Install wall and overhead storage racks to eliminate their hiding spots.

Don’t Store Pet Food in the Garage

If you store pet food in the garage, you can be sure local pests will take advantage. They view both opened and unopened bags of kibble as a free buffet. The FDA recommends storing bags of pet food in sealable, heavy-duty plastic containers that are stored in a cool, dry place like your pantry.


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