It’s that time of year again. A time for joy, happiness, and holiday cheer. Hot chocolate, gingerbread men, homemade treats, presents, and holidays parties abound. Front yards everywhere are dressed up in a festive display of good cheer. It truly is the most wonderful time of year!

Unfortunately, all the joy and happiness of the holiday season can come to a screeching halt should you become the victim of foul play, as trouble often lurks in the shadows during this time of year. Thieves, lured by empty homes and an increase in spending, often use the garage door as their entry point. Fight back with these tips.

6 Tips for Garage Door Security

Tip #1: Never leave your garage door remote in an unattended vehicle. All a thief needs to do to gain entry to your home is to break into your vehicle and activate the opener using the remote.

Tip #2: Retire your traditional garage door remote for much of the same reason listed in tip #1 and purchase a keychain remote. This allows you to take it with you no matter where you go.

Tip #3: Don’t leave your garage door open – not even for a minute. It amazes me to learn just how many people leave their garage open while unattended. This can unfortunately lead to a variety of nasty consequences including theft.

Tip #4: Brighten up your driveway. Bright lights make thieves nervous and just might make them look elsewhere. Motion activated exterior lights work best – and are incredibly energy efficient.

Tip #5: Thieves don’t stand a chance with a smart garage door opener. Today’s garage door openers work in combination with your smartphone allowing you to open and close your garage door as well as monitor its status – all from the palm of your hand.

Tip #6: Don’t neglect garage door maintenance! For many reasons, the most important being your safety and that of your loved ones, have your garage door professionally maintained once a year (at minimum).

Need a New Garage Door?

Replacing a malfunctioning garage door is a great way to enhance both the curb appeal and security of your home! APEX Garage Door & Repair is pleased to provide a large variety of new garage doors from some of the world’s leading most manufacturers as well as professional installation. Contact us today for more information on these and other available services: (480) 460-1199.


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