Nothing says “Welcome Home” like a garage door that operates as beautifully as it looks. Residential garage doors continue to be a reflection of the homeowner’s personality. Whether your home is contemporary, traditional or modern, you are sure to find a style to match your home’s architectural style. Here are four garage door trends you can look forward to this year:

Bigger is Better, Right?

Two, three, and four bay garages are all the rage right now. This gives homes with two or more drivers the opportunity to protect their cars from the elements. This also gives homeowners with growing families plenty of storage space. These larger garages, and garage doors, stand out and can increase curb appeal when properly maintained.

Wood Doors with Less Upkeep

Wood doors add a level of sophistication to a home. They increase curb appeal and, as a result, property values. However, they require extensive maintenance, and are quite pricy. Faux wood makes a great alternative to real wood. Faux wood is made to authentically look like real wood and costs significantly less.

Well Insulated, Energy Efficient Garage Doors

The latest garage door trends not only look great, they can also reduce your energy bills, by reducing the transmission of heat into the garage. If your garage door isn’t insulated, you lose heating and cooling efficiency, as well as shell out more currency from your wallet! Be sure to look for insulation with a high R-value.

Technology Meets Garage Doors

Is there anything a smartphone can’t do? While gaming still accounts for the lion’s share of app activity, there are also a number of lifestyle, productivity and fitness/health apps available. These apps all share one thing in common; they want to make your life easier and far more productive.

One such app is the LiftMaster® MyQ® Home and Property Control App. It is free to download on both iOS and Android compatible devices. This app, in combination with a smart garage door opener, will allow you the freedom to open and close your door using your tablet or smartphone from anywhere. Talk about peace of mind!


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