Slash Your Electric Bill With These Methods

Aug 13, 2015 | Garage Door Repair, Insulated Garage Doors

How much do you pay for electricity each month? Whether it’s $100.00 a month, or $500.00 a month, chances are you wouldn’t mind lowering it – especially as increasing electric costs are a concern for many households. While you can’t control the infrastructures’ standing charges or various added surcharges and taxes; you can control the amount of electricity you use.

The good news is that, by using common sense, decreasing your reliance on electricity during peak times, and investing in energy-efficient gadgets, you too can slash your electric bill. ¬†Best of all, you won’t have to sacrifice anything, to save hundreds of dollars a year. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite methods for slashing your electric bill. So what are you waiting for?

  1. Insulate Your Garage Door

Insulated garage doors offer significant benefits – especially to those that spend more time in the garage. Considering that the garages of today serve several other purposes than just being a haven for your automobile; you may want to consider heating and cooling it as well as insulating it. Several factors should be considered when insulating your garage door including:

  • The state you reside in
  • What side of the house your garage faces
  • Whether or not the rest of your garage is insulated
  • Determining the best R-value based on your specific needs
  1. Insulate the Garage Walls

Insulating your garage’s walls reduces the conduction of heat from the walls and ceiling to the environment. If your garage walls aren’t insulated, that’s just one more barrier you’ll have to face each month, as you battle against high electric bills. The most common insulation used for the garage is spray-foam insulation: open cell or closed cell. Closed cell offers the best R-values for your money.

  1. Weather Seal Your Door

Even if your garage door and walls ARE insulated, if you don’t have the proper weather seal in place, you’re just shooting yourself in the foot. The most common weather seals for garage doors are bottom seal, threshold seal, and weather stripping. These inexpensive insulating devices often yield big returns to your bottom line and comfort.

  1. Pay Attention to Your Time of Use

Did you know that paying attention to the time you use the most electricity can save you money? Many electricity providers charge five time less during off-peak hours than they do during on-peak hours. Talk to your provider today to determine the best time to use your garage door opener, washer and dryer, dishwasher, and ac unit.

  1. Slay the Energy Vampires in Your Home

According to the United States Department of Energy, vampire appliances and electronics use 52 billion kWh per year (all US homes), amounting for a 4 to 5 percent spike in your home’s electric usage. Slay the energy vampires in your home by taking care to unplug all appliances and electronics when not in use. Better yet use power strips that automatically turn off when you’re not using your electronics.


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