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Jan 7, 2015 | APEX Garage Door & Repair, Garage Door Services, Garage Gadgets

The New Year is the perfect time to make your garage, and perhaps your vehicle, just a little bit smarter – and with this list of six high-tech garage gadgets you’ll be hard pressed to find a gadget that won’t increase your garage’s IQ.

From hands-free navigational displays to highly effective insulated garage doors, there are a ton of gadgets on the market today that want to make your life much easier, not to mention safer.

Pick and choose between the following to assemble your home with some of our favorite high-tech garage gadgets that we at APEX Garage Door & Repair  have taken the time to compile for you.


Hands-free navigational displays resemble something straight out of the future! These advanced car gadgets project turn-by-turn driving directions as well as speed, traffic and safety alerts right on your windshield. This allows for safer travels as there’s no need to take your eyes off the road.


Smart driving assistants such as the Automatic simply plugs into your vehicle’s data port so that they may accurately monitor your fuel efficiency and driving habits (good or bad). When combined with an iOS app, these assistants automatically generate and send driving reports, along with suggested driving practice tips to you.


Never wind your extension cords by hand again! Automatic power cord caddies, such as the RoboReel, dispense and wind 50 feet of power cord (included with purchase) all at the press of a button. The features don’t stop there, however, as it provides advanced safety in the event of a power surge. Air and water models exist as well.


There’s no more need for that tennis-ball-on-a-string trick when you purchase and install a laser parking guide. Laser parking guides automatically switch on a laser beam as soon as your vehicle enters the garage. The laser guides you to the correct spot and turns off as soon as you correctly park your vehicle. No more dented walls or vehicles with this bad boy.


With a wide variety of highly effective insulated garage doors on the market today, you can enjoy the comfort of your garage year round, as it will retain heat in the winter and keep the garage cool in the summer. You can choose between a large variety of color and style options when selecting a new insulated garage door.


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