Regular Garage Door Maintenance: Why it’s So Important.

Nov 3, 2014 | APEX Garage Door & Repair, Garage Door Services, Regular Garage Door Maintenance

Regular Garage Door Maintenance

Your garage door, just like the vehicle parked inside it, consists of a complex system of mechanical parts. All of which are designed to provide you with the convenience of opening and closing on demand.

And, while I’m sure you wouldn’t drive a mechanically challenged vehicle around, it seems that many homeowners neglect the one thing that will ensure their heavy garage door doesn’t become mechanically challenged.

Seriously, all it takes is one call to a reputable garage door services company and scheduling with them for their garage door maintenance program to ensure your garage door works as it should, which is in a safe and reliable manner.

But that’s not all, you’ll also get to receive the following benefits, each and every time you have them perform regular garage door maintenance on your existing system.

Benefits of Regular Garage Door Maintenance

  • Ensures the Update of Safety Features
  • Technology is constantly evolving, and at record speeds, which means that some of your door’s safety features may change and in some cases may even become obsolete.
  • Regular inspections performed by APEX Garage Doors and Repair can ensure all safety features are up to date. This service provides you with peace-of-mind in knowing that you’re safe and secure.
  • Decreased Risk of Encountering Costly Repairs
  • Having your garage door inspected and maintained by a professional garage door technician with keep you from encountering costly repairs as well as the headache that comes with a malfunctioning system.
  • Our garage door maintenance inspections include a comprehensive system check, lubrication of all moving components, adjustments made to the tracks and opener, and re-alignment of the safety eyes; among others.
  • Protection from the Elements
  • Inclement weather, such as that seen during this past monsoon season, can put your garage door in a very vulnerable state. Strong winds can damage your garage door beyond repair, and in cases where the door is already malfunctioning, can remove it from its frame entirely – which is just one more reason why it’s so important to maintain your door.

Schedule Regular Garage Door Maintenance Today

When you contact the professionals at APEX Garage Door and Repair, you’ll be pleased to find that we can provide you with prompt and courteous garage door maintenance services, along with many other high-quality garage door services.


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